Glutamine   L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body. With over 61% of skeletal muscle being Glutamine, supplementation of this product will massively improve recovery, muscle growth and strength meaning huge gains in size and lean muscle tissue too.   Glutamine should be taken prior to intense exercise and times of stress, to ensure levels of this vital amino acid are sustained. This in turn results in prolonged strength, stamina and recovery making your workouts better and more effective than ever before.   Studies have shown that supplementation of Glutamine can minimise the breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism. Taking just 2 grams of NRGFUEL Glutamine daily can increase growth hormone levels up to 400%   NRGFUEL Glutamine is a building block for anyone wanting to push there training to the next level and should be right at the front of your supplement list. At NRGFUEL we only use the best quality ingredients and our pharmaceutical grade glutamine proves that in every way. Ingredients Pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine powder. Nutritional Info (per 100gr) L-Glutamine 100g

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