Enhance – Meal Replacement

Brand new to the NRGFUEL range we are excited to offer you the ENHANCE meal replacement formula for individuals who are looking for a complete meal in a great tasting easy mixing powdered format (just add water or milk). With it's high protein and complex carbohydrate content along with a variety of multi-vitamins and minerals it is the complete meal replacement shake that will keep those hunger pangs at bay whilst burning more fat. NRGFUEL ENHANCE is ideal for any individual who is looking to maintain or develop lean muscle tissue, whilst decreasing unwanted body fat. This makes it a versatile product for both men and women whether your goal is muscle building, toning or fat loss. NRGFUEL ENHANCE has been enriched with amino acids which are known for their potential Anti-catabolic (preventing muscle break-down) and anabolic (muscle building) properties. Key benefits of NRGFUEL ENHANCE: Contains 26 vitamins and minerals. More than 3g of prebiotic fibre per serving. Each serving provides you with 42g of high quality protein. Contains less than 2% fat. Includes essential Omega 3 oil. Contains peptide bonded L-Glutamine as well as additional free L-Glutamine for maximal muscle recovery. This is another amazing instalment to the NRGFUEL range so be sure to get yours today and make it part of your daily supplement and nutrition plan!

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