NRGFUEL Casein is a highly effective time released protein delivery system, that ensures optimal nutritional support to help prevent muscle breakdown. Ideally taken prior to sleeping, its slow digesting protein formula results in a steady release of amino acids whilst resting. The total release of amino acids in the blood stream can last as long as seven hours with one serving of NRGFUEL's Scientificley advanced Casein protein. Make sure NRGFUEL Casein is the only protein you take before going to sleep. Ingredients Calcium caseinate, colour (beet red in strawberry flavour only), flavour (vanilla or strawberry), freeflow agent (tricalcium phosphate), sweetener (sucralose). Nutritional Information Energy (kcal) Per 100g - 382.90 // Per 35g Serving - 114.87 Energy (kj) Per 100g -1602.90 // Per 35g Serving - 480.87 Protein Per 100g- 92.85g // Per 35g Serving - 27.90g Carbohydrates Per 100g- 0.55g // Per 35g Serving - 0.17g   of which sugars Per 100g - 0.20g // Per 35g Serving - 0.06g Fat Per 100g-1.19g // Per 35g Serving - 0.36g   of which saturates Per 100g - 0.74g // Per 35g Serving - 0.22g Fibre Per 100g- 0g // Per 35g Serving - 0g Sodium Per 100g- 29.7mg // Per 35g Serving - 8.91mg

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