I actively promote a healthy lifestyle

I started in the fitness industry in 2008 working as an instructor in a gym. i instantly loved it and enjoyed helping people shape up, lose weight and improve their health. I learnt a lot about the industry whilst working there and helped many achieve their goals through fitness programs and dietary advice.

After that i moved into modelling whilst still working in the gym. This meant that i really had to apply all the knowledge i’d gained to my lifestyle as it was very important that I stayed in optimum shape. At this stage I started dance classes and also went into backing dancing, this helped me keep fit and required a lot of energy!

In 2011 I took part in the reality show The Bachelor. Being onĀ  a TV again highlighted the importance for me in looking good and being healthy!

I now do some fitness and commercial modelling as well as keeping in with the fitness and dance industry and I am always looking for new techniques and products to help maintain a good healthy figure with my busy lifestyle. I know how hard it can be fitting regular training in and getting the energy to do it at times so always try to find ways to help with that!

This site is here to help give hints and tips to those of you that want to keep in shape and I will also be selling NRGFUEL products. I am a huge fan of them and have been working with the company for 3 years now, I have witnessed some extraordinary transformations in the men and women that use the products, including my own! Enjoy :)